Woman eating a low calorie Vegan Chocolate Protein Bar from Jade and Joy Wellbeing Plant Based Protein Bar range by a lake with a cup of coffee in UK
Women With Jade and Joy Superfood Blends

About Us

Finding the Joy in Nutrition

Originally founded by Jade, Jade & Joy has now evolved into a team of women, who through qualitive research and personal experiences, understand the unique challenges that women face in maintaining balance and vitality.

We have been on quite a journey with Jade and Joy, which has led to a total evolution of our products and left us with a clear mission statement; to empower women by addressing the multifaceted aspects of our wellness.

Our aim is to help support a healthy lifestyle through considered ingredients. Via the fusion of science and nature, our products aim to enhance overall wellness, uplift moods, support hormonal balance, promote radiant skin/hair/nails, and provide sustained energy.

By championing women’s health in every scoop and bite, our ethos is to inspire confidence and joy in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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We can ensure all our products are:

Gluten icon to represent the gluten free protein bars by Jade and Joy


Vegan icon: jade an Joy products are 100% Vegan


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Meet Our Team

Here at Jade and Joy we work with an incredible team, all of which bring their own unique styles and attributes to the table which has helped to create our cohesive Jade and Joy family.

What is really important to us?

Being Kind to Animals

All of us are real animal lovers therefore it is important to us that our products are Plant-Based and Cruelty Free.

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Being Kind To Our Planet

We are fiercely passionate about sustainability and are always striving to make improvements within our business for a better world.

Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut and Ammond Protein Bar from Jade and Joy Wellbeing Plant Based Protein Bar Range

Being Kind To You

Providing delicious nutrition, packed with beneficial ingredients that are ‘free from’ and fabulous to address all of your health needs

Women With Jade and Joy Superfood Blends
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