We are proudly Vegan Approved by the Vegetarian Society

Who are the Vegetarian Society?

The Vegetarian Society have coined themselves the pioneers of the plant-based revolution as they have created great food and positive change for over 175 years. They are the UK’s first and foremost advocate for the vegetarian and vegan movement, focusing on animal welfare and sustainability, as well as the health and societal benefits of eating your greens. 

By the power of education, campaigning and product accreditation, The Vegetarian Society strive to spread the word of a meat-less diet in a non-judgemental and inclusive manner.

What does the Vegetarian Society Vegan trademark mean?

The Vegetarian Society, a trusted authority in plant-based certifications hold two prestigious trademarks – one for vegetarian products and one for vegan products. To be approved for these trademarks, products must first meet strict criteria. This includes:

  • Exclusion of any ingredients derived from animals or substances originating from animals.
  • Measures in place to avoid cross-contamination during production.
  • GMO-Free. 
  • No animal testing carried out or commissioned.

We take pride in the fact that all our products have earned the Vegan accreditation from The Vegetarian Society, a testament to our dedication to crafting ethical and compassionate choices, as well as a trustworthy source of plant-based goodies. 

“The Vegetarian Society Approved trademarks are symbols you will see on thousands of products in shops all over the UK. There are two Vegetarian Society Approved trademarks – one for vegetarian products and one for vegan products. The vegetarian trademark has been going since 1986, and the vegan one since 2017.

The Vegetarian Society Approved trademark process involves our experts checking all ingredients and production methods. By independently checking all the ingredients, it means you don’t have to when you’re shopping. When you see our vegetarian or vegan trademarks on a product, you know you can trust it is vegetarian or vegan.

Only products that meet our strict criteria are allowed to display these trademarks.”

About trademarks – Vegetarian Society (vegsoc.org) 

In order to be approved for this trademark manufacturers must ensure there are:

Measures in place to avoid cross-contamination during production

“In order to be eligible for the Vegetarian Society Approved vegan trademark, all reasonable and practicable steps must be taken to prevent cross-contamination between the vegan product in question and non-vegan products/ingredients during production. If the same production line is shared with non-vegan products/ingredients, thorough cleaning must be carried out before vegan production commences. This extends to all associated machinery, equipment, utensils, surfaces and clothing, which must remain clear of non-vegan products/ingredients before vegan products are touched, prepared, produced or packaged. Clear procedures must be in place to ensure correct packaging is used, and errors are avoided.

This relates to industry standards for manufacturing, not allergen standards.” 

 Trademark Criteria – Vegetarian Society (vegsoc.org)

Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. This product should be stored out of the reach of young children.

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